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Team Positions + Who To Contact

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Team Positions + Who To Contact

Post by ScottyB » Tue Aug 22, 2017 12:46 pm

There are several different groups to highlight the different ways each Amped UP Member contributes to the community. Below is a description of each group and what contributions they make:

Leader: The founders of the group who over see everything

Game Leader: The leaders of a specific game

Elite Amped UP Member: Members who have been going above and beyond by hosting regular events, recruiting members, being active within the forums or doing anything else to help benefit the community

Amped UP Member: Active community members in game and/or on the forums

Inactive Amped UP Member: Members who have been inactive BOTH in game and on the forum for 30+ days. Once they're active again, they will be moved into the appropriate group

Website Positions

Leaders: MzErin, Braldy & ScottyB

In Game Leaders

Grand Theft Auto
Leader: ABADDON_22

Battlefield 1
AU Leader: Braldy

Prominence Poker:
Leader: LN-MLB


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