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Future Leaders / Managers

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Future Leaders / Managers

Post by Braldy » Mon Oct 09, 2017 4:49 pm

Future Leaders / Managers

Amped up gaming is a newly created gaming community for mature playstation gamers. In order to expand into other games we are for looking strong gaming leaders / managers to represent us and help build our player base over a variety of time zones. If you’re gaming on a regular basis with a group of players and passionate about expanding your group you may be just what we are looking for or maybe we are just what you are looking for. We also encourage individuals who have the passion to recruit and build a player base to read on.

You will have access to our website and your own dedicated section of the Amped Up Gaming forums to Manage, Moderate and Encourage other players to participate in. Our website features allow you to post organized events and chat with players who are looking for a game. Organized events generally bring more players online than jumping on and hoping other players are ready to rock. We would just ask to see at least 1 weekly event held for the players who do not game daily.

Amped Up Gaming is a social, MATURE and RESPECTFUL community therefore we require our gaming leaders to have a mic and communicate clearly with respect to all players as you’ll be representing Amped Up Gaming. There is no requirement to be an elite gamer to join us, our main goal is to have fun and provide an enjoyable platform for all levels of gamers.

You will be supported and encouraged to build your player base. In order to do this we believe that gaming 3-4 times a week is necessary, in saying that real life situations always come up and we will have others step in temporarily to help out if needed. As a gaming leader you’ll also be a key part of our Amped Up Gaming staff, we are pretty easy going and not to keen on red tape so you if have an idea we are all ears and also encourage people to speak up if they would like to try something a little different. We want to keep up with the times and not get stuck in the past.

This will be a challenging role as our gaming group is new and a player base needs to be built. If you were born to lead, love a challenge can communicate well with others and are interested in starting with a near blank canvas then contact Braldy, ScottyB or MzErin on this forum and we’ll arrange a time for a chat.

Thank you for your time
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