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Crew direction and wish list

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Crew direction and wish list

Post by ScottyB » Thu Aug 10, 2017 7:37 am

As this is a new crew, it will take some time to build up its members but this is the direction that we here at Amped UP Gaming are looking to head in. So if this sounds like a community that you'd like to be part of and help develop, now's the time to get in!

We are a multi game PS4 crew with active, friendly and mature gamers from all over the world. We intend to build a respectful community that host's many weekly crew events suited to the 3 major timezones (EU-UK and Europe, NA-North America and AU-Australia) and over many different games so that no matter what time of the day or what game you feel like playing, there will be something going on.
If you think you'd be a suitable host or would like to but need some more help, head over to the Event planning and submissions forum to find out more information and submit an event.

We will be setting up regular crew challenges and contests so that there will always be something to do even if no one's around.

On top of our crew events, we will be building a competitive side and looking to set up regular crew battles. This type of competitive gaming is a completely new experience and forces you to work properly as a team and will definitely improve your gameplay. I couldn't recommend getting involved with these enough, at least just to see what it's like. Don't worry about your skill level, above all, we're here to have fun. Possibly in the future if there's enough interest we may divide the competitive side up into divisions so that we can be teamed up appropriately and everyone can get the chance to be involved in a crew battle.

A lot of us are streamers and have YouTube channels. We already have a Video Gallery to post your favourite in game moments/streams and we are working on setting up a dedicated section for live streams along with notifications for when people go live. It is our hope that we can build a very active streaming community which will benefit all involved.

This is a community made by gamers, for gamers and we need your help to make it become what it should be.

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