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What buttons and settings do you use?

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What buttons and settings do you use?

Post by ScottyB » Tue Aug 29, 2017 9:09 am

After watching the pros (and hearing Rosta talking about his new setup) I've realised how I currently have it set up makes it too hard to pull off more advanced moves.

Currently I have
R2/L2 - accelerate/brake
L1- air roll
R1 - scoreboard
X - jump
O - boost
Square - handbrake

While dribbling and to quickly turn on the wall/ground, you need to use the handbrake to spin quicker and properly control the ball while dribbling. Needing to jump/power slide and boost all in quick succession only using your thumb makes it incredibly difficult to do accurately.

I'm going to test out using L1 as hand brake as well as air roll and possibly try to move boost to R1 as per Rostas advice (he suggested L1 I think but same difference). While this will take some getting used too, I think it'll free my hands up as virtually every button will have a dedicated finger instead of having one finger to push multiple buttons so it should allow for faster and smoother car control.

As for camera settings, I haven't played with them too much. I tires moving the FOV out so I can see more but it threw me out a bit so I've only moved it slightly. I imagine moving it all/most of the way will help with seeing more of the field so it's probably better to get used too.

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Post by Truelife98 » Tue Aug 29, 2017 10:00 am

I would have to look at my stats for setting but moving it out does help with seeing it also makes hitting the ball harder. Kind of have to find a happy medium I'm still trying to play around with the angles to see which I prefer.

I tried moving handbrake to r1 just couldn't get used to it. Didn't give it much of a chance either but just,wasn't comftable with it.

On thing that really helps is mastering the double jump to fly you can hit x to jump fly a little then hit x again to gain height very fast or quickly double tap it and hold it in to gain altitude fast

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