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Nba 2k18 vs. Nba Live The One Edition

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Nba 2k18 vs. Nba Live The One Edition

Post by rspain » Sat Nov 25, 2017 12:48 pm

So before I say my piece, I have to say that up until now I have always been a 2k fanboy. Well I have been convinced that maybe I am not such a 2k fanboy anymore. In this post I'll compare somethings and you can make your own opinion about it.

Gameplay- now I will say 2k probably has better moves that make the game look good, but one thing kept on happening to me when I drove to the basket. The defender would magically become the great Wall of China (not Yao Ming) and I could never get passed him until either drawing an offensive foul, or the seconds in the key. On NBA Live 18, driving to the basket seems a lot easier and smoother. And oh yeah if you time your shots well on live 18, guess what happens? The shots actually go in the basket almost everytime even if your stats are low range if your open when you time the shot it still goes in. And another the the load times are so much quicker on live 18.

My player mode- sure nba 2k18 has more in depth stuff but unlike 2k18, Nba live 18 does not have the feel like you have to grind out games or buy vc just to get your stats up. That really turned me off 2k this year. And yeah the storyline is not as good as 2k, but I'm only 7 games in. And so far only a 4 or 5 cutscenes which is ok but at times 2k got a little bogged up with load times.

Franchise mode- yeah I played an hour on live 18 in this mode and I wasn't that impressed but it is good enough to play through. But I will have to give the nod to 2k18 but at least you don't have to talk to the owner about his stupid demands in live 18.

Graphics- again I will have to give the nod to 2k18. But I have to give EA some credit the graphics are pretty damn nice. I actually think the facial expressions seem to have more life in live 18. But overall 2k18 is still better. But nba live could get better in the future.

My overall opinion might be different than you, but based on the gameplay part I would recommend Nba Live 18 this year just based on shots actually going in.

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